Covered Temple Jar


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  • CLASSIC HAND-PAINTED STYLE: The jar showcases a traditional floral greenery design, bringing a touch of classic elegance. Enhance your experience with unique features.
  • REMOVABLE LID: Features a removable lid, offering versatility in use. Elevate your lifestyle with exceptional design. Innovative and practical for everyday use. Crafted for convenience and durability.
  • WATER TIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Ensures that it can hold water for flowers, making it functional as well as decorative. Unmatched in elegance and functionality. Eco-conscious choice for the modern user.
  • PROTECTIVE BOTTOM: Equipped with table protectors on the bottom to prevent scratching surfaces. Sophisticated design meets optimal functionality. Seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE DECOR: Ideal for holding flowers or as a standalone decorative piece, enhancing any room's ambiance. Revolutionary design for contemporary users.