Mills Floral Company - Shola Dahlia 4" Vintage Lilac Ball

Enhance your design projects with the Shola Dahlia 4-inch Vintage Lilac Ball. Sourced from the roots of the Aeschynomene aspera plant, known as shola, this vintage lilac ball exudes subtle elegance. Its 4-inch size and spherical shape make it a versatile decor element, suitable for a variety of settings. Whether you're planning a wedding, a seasonal event, or simply updating your home decor, this Vintage Lilac Ball is an excellent choice for adding texture and visual interest. Dimensions: 4 inch Shape: Sphere Color: Vintage Lilac Material: Handmade from all-natural Shola and colored with artisanal dyes, each product features slight variations in dye colors and design that contribute to its unique charm.