Entryways - Victoria and Albert Museum Como Coir Doormat: 18x30

This floral pattern is based on a wallpaper from the V&A’s archives by Victorian artist Lewis Foreman Day (1845–1910). Day was one of the most successful designers of his day, a writer and an influential design educator. He helped form the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society and his memorable designs based on motifs from the natural world remain the perfect choice for contemporary interiors. All doormats in Entryways' V&A Collection are available in two sizes––18" by 30" and 24" by 36". Every Entryways mat is designed and crafted to be stylish and functional. Made from the best quality all-natural coir to meet the industry's highest standards of durability, Entryways doormats are hand-stenciled with eco-friendly dyes for long-lasting vibrancy.